Turbocharger repair

UAB SKUBA is the official representative of Honeywell Turbo Technologies (USA) and BorgWarner Turbosystems (Germany) in Lithuania.

That is the only company in Lithuania whose employees' qualification is confirmed by certificates from the aforementioned largest turbocharger manufacturers. UAB SKUBA uses only original parts for turbocharger repairs: repair kits, impellers, shafts, and casing parts. The warehouse always has a sufficient stocks of parts needed to repair the most popular turbocharger models.

The most important thing when repairing turbines is balancing. The rotational speeds of current turbochargers reach 70,000-100,000 rpm in commercial vehicle engines and 100,000-250,000 rpm in passenger cars, while the tolerance of parts is barely a few micrometers (1 µm = 0.001 mm) in size. Thus, without workers who have a corresponding qualification, high-quality turbine repairs using original parts and appropriate equipment is impossible.

UAB SKUBA has all of the equipment to conduct turbine balancing, i.e., one of the most ideal machines in this field, the TurboTechnics VSR MK3 (England), which has a measuring range of 20,000-250,000 rpm. In comparison, probably the most widely used machine, the TMI, of which a few exist in Lithuania, only has a measuring range of up to 30,000 rpm.


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