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At the UAB SKUBA diesel system centre, we can repair all types of BOSCH fuel pumps and injectors, provide information about features of the fuel system used in a car, and provide useful advice about continued successful use of the car. For diagnostics and repair of each separate group of aggregates, corresponding original BOSCH equipment, technical information, and original spare parts are used. This allows us to ensure the high quality and reliability that the manufacturer requires. Contact us, and we will assist you!

UAB SKUBA was the first in Lithuania to become an official BOSCH diesel fuel system centre. Starting with the simplest type of system repairs (mechanical pumps and EDC), we gradually expanded our scope.

As technologies advanced, it was important not to fall behind new developments introduced by the manufacturer. Common Rail diesel systems, VP-type high-pressure fuel pumps, pump-injectors, single-plunger pumps – these are fields in which we made targeted investments.

Systemic investment into technological developments has allowed us to establish a centre where we can conduct warranty and post-warranty repairs of all types of BOSCH fuel aggregates.

Our services

We repair BOSCH PE, PE-EDC, VE, and VE-EDC type and Common Rail diesel pumps and injectors; pump-injectors (UIS/PDE); and single-plunger pumps (UPS/PLD) for all passenger and commercial vehicles.
We repair and inspect VP29/30 and VP44 type pumps as well as selling such (repaired) pumps with a warranty. These pumps are installed:

In passenger cars

  • Audi A4, A6, A8
  • WV Passat 2,5 TDI
  • Opel Astra, Omega, Vectra, Frontera, Sintra DI, DTL, DTI
  • Ford Focus, Tranzit 1,8TD, TDDi
  • Saab
  • Nissan
  • BMW

In commercial vehicles

  • MAN

In farming and construction machines

  • Perkins
  • John Deer
  • Cummins, ect.

Useful information

VP (VR) type pump repair is usually limited to PSG electronic control unit repair. The mechanical part of the pump is repaired with the understanding that it may or may not succeed, because comprehensively checking the assembled pump is possible only with a special test bench. It should come as no surprise if the car releases smoke and lacks power after such a repair. The same can be said about used pumps. A pump that is removed from a working car is not necessarily a good pump. It would be more useful to check it before installing it in a car rather than paying for an additional removal and installation.

Repair of both the electronic and mechanical parts influence the further performance of the pump, thus its configuration is very important. During this process, the fuel pump is introduced to the changed parameters, and all changes are recorded in the pump's control unit.

We check VP-type pumps, repair them, configure them, replace and program control units, and repair the mechanical part. We use only original BOSCH parts for repairs, and work is conducted on a BOSCH test bench with corresponding equipment, thus we can answer fully for the final result.

Pictured: EPS 815 test bench + KMA822 electronic measurement system + EPS 865 and EPS 910

Usage: All types of fuel pumps with mechanical and electronic regulators (EDC).
In EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) electronically controlled car fuel systems, the fuel pump is controlled by an electronic control unit. During testing of a pump with a test bench, the EPS 865 replaces this unit. The device contains all of the control unit functions needed to test the pump and measures the return signal from the pump regulator. Be to the tester activates the pump's injection timing magnetic valve. The EPS 910 device works along with the EPS 865. Both devices are used to test VE-EDC-type pumps with a HDK (Halb Differential Kurzschlussring) sensor. The HDK proximity sensor is replaced by a resistive potentiometric sensor.

Pictured: EPS 815 test bench + KMA822 electronic measurement system + VPM844

Usage: VP-type pump diagnostics and programming.
Pictured: EPS 815 test bench + KMA822 electronic measurement system + CRS845
Usage: Common Rail-type injector testing and adjustment.
Pictured: EPS 815 test bench + KMA822 electronic measurement system + CAM847

BOSCH fuel system repair
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